AHS-logo_webAHS established the Fund to provide amazingly effective and critical supports that make the difference to children, families and seniors in our community, enrolled in AHS’ four programs. Often families, children and seniors whom we serve need “a little bit more that makes all the difference,” which you can help us offer with a donation. The Lifelong Learning Fund fills the gap between what we can do and what we must do together to make a difference in the lives of local families.

Every family has unique issues to deal with. For the children, parents and seniors in our program, sometimes the issues are huge. Our access to life-long learning funds enables us to provide the books, toys, therapies and resources that bring joy and better lives. This Fund can profoundly affect quality of life and provide lifelong learning for the individuals we support, and their families.

Your contribution will help AHS continue its mission to improve the quality of life and provide lifelong learning experiences to all the individuals we serve – children, adults, seniors and families, thus strengthening the Greater Taunton/Attleboro area.

Won’t you please consider making a donation to our Lifelong Learning Fund?

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