Board of Directors

Martin Kenney, Chair
Kathleen M. Tunney, President
Kelly Hoye, Vice Chair
Michael Suneson, Secretary
Amy Conley, Assistant Secretary
Lucille Provazza,Treasurer
Judith Thomas, Assistant Treasurer
Leonard Sullivan, Director
Carol Sullivan, Director
Jill Precopio, Director
Jeff Marques, Director
Jerry Plouffe, Director
Marcy Couitt, Director
Kayla Durkee, Director
Vin Bucci, Director Emeritus


Senior Management & Coordinators

Kathleen M. Tunney, President and Executive Director
Judith Thomas, Financial Officer
Amy Conley, Human Resources Director
Georgianna Ouellette, Program Director, Early Head Start
Zulmira Allcock, Program Director, Early Intervention Program

Dan LeBrun, Program Director, Taunton Area School to Career Program
Nancy Pereira, Program Director, Wise Adult Day Health
Debbie Howland, Fundraising and Special Events Coordinator